SSFs can trade at a discount to the underlying

Symbol Contract Future Ask # of Days Implied Annualized Discount

The above SSFs are currently offered below the last stock tick. Meaning that you can buy the future, hold to expiration and get the stock at a discount to the current cash price. All prices above were last updated at 15:54:23 ET on 2016-02-10, and will have fresh updates throughout the trading day.

If you are currently long the stock and paying a higher interest rate, you may want to consider buying spreads using SSF. Simultaneously selling expiring SSF and purchasing the longer dated contract will trigger the transfer of your stock position through the expiration process and the new delta exposure with the longer dated SSF at the more favorable financing rate.

The next 50 rates are:

Symbol Contract Future Ask # of Days Implied Annualized Discount
ZBH1D 2016-09-16 93.3800 219 0.01%
YUM1D 2016-09-16 67.2000 219 0.01%
XEC1D 2016-09-16 84.2400 219 0.01%
WY1D 2016-09-16 22.9600 219 0.02%
WEN1D 2016-09-16 9.6800 219 0.02%

These rates are meant for informational purposes only. They are not to be relied upon to make any trades nor are they meant as a recommendation to participate in a particular trade. There is risk in trading Single Stock Futures and due diligence should be performed before executing any trades.

Trades can only be made through an account at a registered broker/dealer or futures commission merchant. For additional information regarding the risks of trading SSF, click here.