OneChicago – Getting Started

Thank you for interest in trading OneChicago markets.  OneChicago operates the only U.S. based securities futures marketplace.  Our primary match engine is the CBOEdirect platform, a state of the art high throughput matching engine.  OneChicago also provides OCX.delta1, an electronic marketplace for transacting and reporting block, block rolls and Exchange Future for Physicals (“EFP”) in OneChicago products.

Firms must be Option Clearing Corporation (“OCC”) Members approved for single stock futures.  Non-member firms and individuals should arrange access through these firms.

Getting Started
Firms interested in trading OneChicago need to complete two parallel paths, one covering registration and authorization, the other covering technology access.

Registration and Authorization
Access to OneChicago markets is granted to Clearing Firms. In turn, Clearing Firms grant access to their customers. OCC Clearing Firms who are interested in OneChicago markets need to complete the following Registration and Authorization forms:

New Clearing Firm

Welcome to OCX — Clearing Firm

New Trading Company

Welcome to OCX — Trading Co

Clearing Firm should contact OCC for clearinghouse setups.

These forms should be completed and returned to OneChicago as directed in the form.

Technology Access
OneChicago products are traded on the OCXdelta1 system, a state of the art matching and reporting system.  The OCX.delta1 platform provides a centralized marketplace for regular transactions, block trades, block rolls as well as a reporting engine for blocks and EFPs in OneChicago products.  OCXdelta1 access is provided either through a OneChicago provided front end trading screen or via a proprietary FIX 4.4 API. More information on the OCXdelta1 platform can be found on our website at



Please contact OneChicago at or 312.424.8512 to further discuss accessing OneChicago markets.

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