Notice to Members 2010-21

Four Decimal Trade Prices FAQ

Notice to Members 2010-20

Treatment of Fund Distributions

Notice to Members 2010-19

Changes to OCX.BETS™

Notice to Members 2010-18

Expanding Trade Prices to Four (4) Decimal Points

Notice to Members 2010-16

OneChicago Trading Community, With the launch of the OCX.NoDivRisk contracts October 29th, there has been some confusion between the ‘1C’ contracts and the ‘1D’ contracts

Notice to Members 2010-15

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS RE: Supplement to Security Futures Risk Disclosure Statement EFFECTIVE: October 7, 2010

Notice to Members 2010-14

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS RE: Filing of Rule Change Certifications to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on September 8, 2010. EFFECTIVE: TBD

OFRA File for OneChicago

Option and Future Risk Array (OFRA) File for OneChicago

Notice to Members 2010-13

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS Effective Date: August 27, 2010 RE: Block Trades, Pre-Execution Discussions and Cross Trades: Revision of OCX Policy: 2010-01 View PDF

Notice to Members 2010-12

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS DATE: August 18, 2010 RE: Updated Large Trader Reporting

OneChicago Business Process Changes

OneChicago will be making the following business process changes to become effective by August 27, 2010.

Notice to Members 2010-10

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS EFFECTIVE DATE: July 21, 2010 Rule Amendments Changes to Position Limits and Position Accountability Thresholds

Notice to Members 2010-09

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS Effective Date: July 15, 2010 Further Changes to OCX Rule 419 “Regulatory Halts”

Notice to Members 2010-08

OCX NOTICE TO MEMBERS Effective Date: July 6, 2010 Dual Reporting Ended for Large Trader Reporting

OneChicago Announces Appointment of Public Directors

View PDF Chicago, IL – February 8, 2010 – OneChicago, LLC, the only U.S. based exchange for trading Single Stock Futures, today announced that Dr. Andrew Clearfield, William F. Pridmore and Eric Wolff have been selected by the Board of Directors to be Public Directors effective immediately. OneChicago CEO, David G. Downey, made the announcement […]

OCX.Weekly Futures Listings

OneChicago Trading Community Notice RE: OCX.Weekly Futures Listings

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