OCX.NoDivRisk Exchange For Physical EFP transactions involve the simultaneous trading of the future and the opposite position in the underlying. These contracts were created as a vehicle to participate in interest rate trades, and are priced out to 4 decimal places. The contracts are quoted as the difference in price between the underlying and the future,WITH DIVIDEND RISK REMOVED. Please note that the Bid Rates and Ask Rates in the following table were calculated by OneChicago based on the EFP bid and offer below. OneChicago makes no representations as to the reliability of the calculation.

During market hours, the screen below contains EFP quotes that are delayed up to 10 minutes. This page updates automatically, THERE IS NO NEED TO REFRESH. After market hours, the last markets of the day are displayed for informational purposes only.

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OCX.NoDivRisk Exchange For Physicals (EFPs)

Dividend Size Bid Rate Bid Ask Ask Rate Size

These prices are delayed up to 10 minutes and are meant for informational purposes only. They are not to be relied upon to make any trades nor are they meant as a recommendation to participate in a particular trade. There is risk in trading Single Stock Futures and Exchange For Physicals, accordingly due diligence should be performed before executing any trades.

Trades can only be made through an account at a registered broker/dealer or futures commission merchant. For additional information regarding the risks of trading SSFs and EFPs, click here.