Benefits of SSF’s

Advantages of Single Stock Futures
· Improved financing of equity positions by participating at competitive benchmark rates.

· SSF act as a synthetic stock-lending vehicle replacing the process of locating stock when selling short.

· All trades are cleared through The OCC, an AA+ rated credit facility.

Range of Trading Strategies
Single stock futures are used with a broad range of trading strategies and can be applied to a variety of portfolio management needs. Since the price of an equity future typically tracks the price of the underlying instrument nearly tick for tick, trading strategies used in the stock market today should be transferable to the stock futures market.

Electronic Trading
Security futures trading at OneChicago is fully electronic. Trade processing and clearing are fully automated using state of the art technology.

Choice of Brokers and Accounts
Single stock futures and narrow-based indexes may be traded in either a securities account or a futures account. Many investors will be able to trade OneChicago products on their PCs through their existing securities or futures brokerage accounts.

    You should be aware that trading futures involves the risk of loss, including the possibility of loss greater than your initial investment. Stock futures may not be suitable for all investors. Consult your broker or financial advisor before trading.

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