Corporate Event Notice CE2016-203

DATE:  August 30, 2016
RE: Polycom, Inc. (“PLCM / PLCM1D”) Anticipated Cash Merger with Triangle Private Holdings I, LLC
Effective Date: ???

Below, for your information, is an important memo from the OCC.

We urge you to read this (see link) and distribute to others within your organization you deem appropriate.

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Key Information:

PLCM1D Cash Merger $1,250.00 Cash ($12.50 x 100)
Last Trading Day ???

Settlement in PLCM1D futures will take place through OCC’s cash settlement system. Pursuant to Rule 1304 of OCC’s Rules and Bylaws, the maturity date for all PLCM1D Security Futures will be accelerated on a date to be determined.