Notice to Members 2018-15

Date: April 4, 2018
Re: Changes to Execution Fees
Effective Date: April 3, 2018

OneChicago, LLC (“OneChicago”) is issuing this Notice to Members (“NTM”) 2018-15 to inform market participants of the following changes to exchange fees:

Effective April 3rd, 2018 (for April billing)

  • The Execution Fee for the front leg (near term) of STARS (“Security Transfer and Return Spread”) transactions is eliminated ($0.00 fee is applied to the respective executions).

Effective May 2nd, 2018 (for May billing)

  • The Tiered Carry Fee is eliminated.
  • The Standard Carry Fee is reduced from $1.60/million to $1.40/million.
  • A new Reduced Carry Fee is introduced. Please see the Reduced Carry Fee document for more information.
  • All accounts currently registered for the Tiered Carry Fee are automatically registered and are immediately eligible for the Reduced Carry Fee.

Please note that for accounts currently registered for the Tiered Carry Fee no action is required to receive the new Reduced Carry Fee. For accounts interested in registering for the Reduced Carry Fee please complete the Special Account Registration Form and submit by email to

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If you have any questions, please contact OneChicago Operations at (312) 883-4311 or