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Clearing Firms are required to be registered OCC Members approved for single stock futures. Such firms may elect to grant direct access to their customers. Exchange Member Firms are firms with member trading privileges on the CME, the CBOE or the CBOT, provided such trading privileges, trading rights or permits, and membership rights were in effect as of March 15, 2006. Exchange Member Firms must be approved by their clearing firm and can only trade for their own account and risk profile. They cannot provide access to others.

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OneChicago products are traded on OCXdelta1, a full-service matching and reporting platform. OCXdelta1 provides a centralized competitive marketplace for outright single stock futures and calendar spreads, as well as reporting services for bilaterally negotiated BLOCK and EFP transactions.

Access is provided through the OCXdelta1 trading front-end or via FIX 4.4 API.

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