OneChicago, LLC is a Designated Contract Market regulated by the CFTC and a notice-registered national securities exchange with the SEC. As a self-regulatory organization, OneChicago has an obligation to regulate and supervise its marketplace to ensure transparency, fairness, and uphold the integrity of our exchange.

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Market Surveillance

The OneChicago Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring compliance by market participants with exchange rules by reviewing trading activity, conducting investigations, and prosecuting wrongdoers. The Compliance Department works hand in hand with OneChicago’s regulators, as well as other futures and securities exchanges to achieve these goals.

Disciplinary Actions
Position Limit Exemption Request Form
Daily Position Limit Publication
Developer Specification: Position Limits

Exchange Rules

OneChicago’s rulebook contains the Exchange’s official rules regarding Exchange membership and governance, access to OneChicago, trading procedures, Exchange operations and business conduct.

OneChicago Rulebook
Rule Changes