About the Exchange

We’re not your traditional exchange. Like a start-up, we’re highly focused and agile in response to our customers needs. We’re a technology group that creates and activates innovative securities lending solutions. Each is designed to provide the investment community with a better view into the marketplace and more transparency into its ever-changing value and costs.

A mere basis point. One hundredth of one percentage. It may seem small to some investors. Insignificant to others. We view each basis point as a stake in the ground. Proof that lenders and borrowers of securities need no longer pay middle men the basis points that are rightfully theirs. OneChicago is more than an exchange. It’s a marketplace. A virtual community. It’s a point in time. The first step toward greater return for institutional and individual investors alike.We believe that markets thrive when we simplify the process for investors and not hide behind its perceived complexity. We’ve laid the foundation for a new way of doing business. We plan to continue as a dynamic exchange that challenges the status quo.