Notice to Members 2011-31

OCX.BETS® Account number field change. Effective Date: December 22, 2011

Holiday Notice

Holiday Trading Hours

Notice to Members 2011-30

Information Update: Market Depth Effective Date: December 5, 2011

Press Release 12/1/2011

OneChicago Announces Trading Volumes for November 2011

Notice to Members 2011-29

Changes to OCX.RiskMan™ for OCX.BETS® Trades Effective Date: November 17, 2011

Press Release 11/1/2011

OneChicago Announces Trading Volumes for October 2011 – October 2011 marks the one year anniversary of the OCX.NoDivRisk® product suite […]

Notice to Members 2011-26

MF Global (OCC Firm 292) Restricted to Closing Only Date: October 31, 2011

Press Release 2011-10-20

OneChicago’s OSO Services Help Firms Meet FINRA Obligations New offering eliminates inefficiencies caused by manual processes and reduces operational risk […]

Notice to Members 2011-24

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) requires additional information on the OATS submission in conjunction with the OATS for Reg […]

Notice to Members 2011-25

Changes in OCX.BETS and related OATS reporting processes have been made due to feedback from the trading community.

Notice to Members 2011-22

Updates for Trading on OCX.BETS® As of trade date Thursday October 7, 2011 two new changes will be implemented to […]

Press Release PR11-13 10/4/2011

OneChicago Announces Trading Volumes for September 2011 – OneChicago now lists 2,800 products, including 400 ETFs and more than 1,300 […]

Notice to Members 2011-21

Effective Date Changes for: OATS Processing and Exchange Futures for Physical Trading on OCX.BETS®

Regulatory Memo Re: OATS Requirements

OATS Reporting Requirements Re:   OATS Exchange Futures for Physical Trading on OCX.BETS®         OATS Expansion         Information Barrier ID

Notice to Members 2011-20

Exchange Futures for Physical Trading on OCX.BETS® Effective Date: September 23, 2011 The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) has updated […]

Notice to Members 2011-18

OATS Processing BETS Audit Trail reporting Real Time Reports Effective Date: October 3, 2011

Press Release PR11-12 09/2/2011

OneChicago Announces Trading Volumes for August 2011 -Volume up 25% over August 2010 -Open interest stood at 385,072 contracts on […]

Notice to Members 2011-19

OneChicago Instance of CBOEdirect, GTC Stop Orders

Holiday Notice – Labor Day

Labor Day Holiday Trading Hours

Press Release PR11-11 08/16/2011

FFastFill Certifies as Independent Software Vendor for OneChicago

Press Release PR11-10 08/02/2011

OneChicago Announces Trading Volumes for July 2011 EFPs and block activity represented more than $370 million in notional value in […]

Notice To Members 2011-17

Security Futures Products Rule Submission and Rule Certification Updated Revisions to OneChicago Rule 905 Expanding Trade Prices to Four (4) […]

Notice To Members 2011-16

OneChicago refines Execution Fee and Carry Fee structure for trading Security Futures (SSF)

Holiday Notice – Independence Day July 4th

Independence Day Holiday Trading Hours

Notice To Members 2011-15

Restricted Stock List Functionality added to OCX.RiskMan™ Effective: June 30, 2011

Notice To Members 2011-13

Change to EFP reporting for the equity leg. Effective: June 17, 2011

Press Release PR11-08 06/09/2011

OneChicago Offers OATS OSO Services for Point-and-Click Traded EFPs New service allows firms to meet FINRA regulatory obligations

Notice To Members 2011-12

OneChicago Offers Transmitting OSO (Order Sending Organization) Services to submit OATS reports on behalf of firms

Notice To Members 2011-11

OneChicago makes available OATS formatted Order Event records for the stock portion of Exchange Future for Physical (“EFP”) trades where […]

Press Release PR11-07 06/01/2011

OneChicago Reports May Volume

Press Release PR11-06 05/04/2011

OneChicago Unveils New Name for Innovative Product, OCX.NoDivRisk Updated identifier reflects the product’s value to investors

Press Release PR11-05 05/01/2011

OneChicago Reports April Volume 49% of Month End Open Interest was in OCX.NoDivRisk™ products

Notice to Members 2011-6

As previously announced, OneChicago is changing its trading fee structure to more closely align it’s pricing with similar equity financing […]

Holiday Notice – Good Friday

Good Friday Holiday Trading Hours

Press Release – New Fee Structure

OneChicago Changes Fee Structure to Highlight Significant Cost Savings

Notice to Members 2011-5

OneChicago Fee Data Files

Press Release PR11-04 04/01/2011

OneChicago Reports March Volume, Increase of 24% over March 2010 – March numbers round off a quarter of steady volume […]

Notice to Members 2011-4

March 14, 2011 RE: OneChicago Fee Structure Changes

Notice to Members

Addition of Contract Months

Press Release PR11-03 03/03/2011

OneChicago Reports February Volume

Holiday Notice – Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day Trading Hours

Notice to Members

Addition of Contract Month

Notice to Members 2011-3

OneChicago Near Real Time OCX.BETS Reports

Special Notice to the DIA Symbol Contract

OneChicago will launch 1C & 1D futures contracts with a 1,000 multiplier on the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF […]

Holiday Notice – MLK Jr. Day

Holiday hours: View PDF

Notice to Members 2011-1

Expanding Trade Prices to Four (4) Decimal Points on 1/18/2011.