Single Stock Futures provide delta exposure to the movements of an underlying stock at a potentially lower overall financing cost. OneChicago is proud to host a comprehensive suite of products in the realm of security finance and equity repo.



The Original product is the traditional single stock future, reflecting estimated future dividend payments in the price of each contract.
Listings available for the following:

  • Monthly Futures (T + 3 Settlement)


    The NoDivRisk product was launched on October 2010 in response to the customer demand to eliminate the risk associated with forecasting dividends. This is achieved by adjusting down the previous trading day’s settlement price (by the dividend amount) at the start of business on ex-dividend date.
    Listings available for the following:

  • Monthly Futures (T + 3 Settlement)
  • Weekly Futures (T + 1 Settlement)

    Product Listing Information

    Twice daily, the exchange publishes a Public Listing File. This file contains active listing definitions for the all exchange products, describing underlying stock assignments, shares per contract, sector, delivery type, and other data points.

    For more information in reading this file visit the FTP Server file specification for Product Listings on the Developer Resources Page.



    More information regarding availability and mappings are published daily in the exchange product catalog.
    Each product offering is available via the following:

  • Outright Single Stock Futures
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Bilaterally Reported Block Transactions
  • Bilaterally Reported EFP Transactions

    Product Catalog

    Each morning the exchange publishes a Product Catalog. This file contains instruments available for the current day’s trading session. Each record is easily be mapped to the related product offering. This file includes the Marketplace Security ID (MPSecID) for referencing outright futures, calendar spreads, and all other instruments.

    Real-time data is also available via the OCTP Real-time Market Data service, visit Obtaining Market Data for more information.