Obtaining Market Data

Market Data Fees & Licensing

Data distributors and Consumers are required to sign a licence agreement to receive exchange data and/or redistribute it to clients.

Below are the market data policies for direct customers, vendors, sub-vendors and their end-users, as well the fee structure and market data agreement documents which govern the use, distribution, display and reporting of OneChicago market data.

Real-time Market Data (OCTP)

OCTP is Delta1’s low latency market data service using Google’s open source cross-platform Protocol Buffers. Schema templates are made publicly available on the exchange ftp site. More information regarding development is located in the Developer Resources page.

Please direct any inquiries to marketdata@onechicago.com.

Market Data Vendors

Real-time and delayed price feeds for OneChicago products are also available through a number of quote vendors. Institutions and traders should inquire directly with their current vendor for subscription information, or contact one of the vendors listed below licensed to provide OneChicago market data.

ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc
SIX Telekurs
Thomson Reuters